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  • Whenever any child is harmful towards others or destroys school property, a note is sent home, and a copy of the note also goes into the child’s file.

  • If these notes are sent home frequently (three or more times in a week), the child’s regular classroom teacher or the center's director may request a conference to discuss their behavior. A behavioral plan will be agreed upon, and a daily note will be sent home to keep the child’s parents updated on their son or daughter's behavior.

  • If there is no improvement in the child’s behavior within two to four weeks, another conference will be called. A decision will be made whether to adjust the behavior plan or to terminate care for the child. You will be given a written notification of a decision to terminate care and will have two weeks to find more appropriate care.

  • If the child is given a final chance to abide by classroom guidelines, and there is still no improvement in two weeks, then we will likely feel that your child can no longer benefit from care at our center. You will be notified of the decision in writing and will have two weeks to find appropriate care elsewhere.

Policies for Behavior and Child Care

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Kids At Heart Inc reserves the right to terminate care for an individual child if any of the following conditions are met:

Before terminating care, our staff will make every effort to help the child adjust to the classroom environment and behave appropriately, using the following guidelines:

”KAH is a great place to send your child. My daughter has been going there for about

3 years. She comes home so happy and loves all her teachers.”

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  • The child is excessively violent towards any classmates or staff on a regular basis.

  • The child is willfully destructive of Kids At Heart Inc property on a regular basis.

  • The child consistently disrupts regular classroom activities to the point where it becomes impossible to provide adequate care for the other children.

  • The parents of other children in the class have complained about the child's actions.

Kids At Heart Inc also reserves the right for immediate termination of child care for safety concerns towards other children or to our staff.

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